Here you can find our selection of genuine hand-knitted sweaters and accessories featuring traditional Norwegian designs. These durable, high quality sweaters are knitted from 100 % pure wool, with designs from many parts of the country. The Setesdal pattern, for example, originated in southern Norway's Setesdal Valley over 100 years ago.
We offer cardigans and pullovers for ladies, men and children and a variety of accessories such as hats and mittens in various colours and designs. The "Hand-knits from Norway" label guarantees you a genuine article hand-knit in Norway.
If you are going to order a pullover or a cardigan, we advise you to contact us before you order, so we can make sure that the desired sweater is available in your size. Hand-knitted sweaters are unique, i.e. the sizes of the sweaters may vary very much within one size. To make sure that we send you a sweater that fits you perfectly, we ask you to measure a sweater you have at home and send us the measurements (before you order). Only then you can be sure to receive a sweater in the correct size.
Please measure the width, height and arm-length according to the figure above and send it to us (together with the name and colour of the pullover/cardigan you would like to order) via our contact form.